I’m notoriously bad at follow-through with tarot/oracle card challenges however I’m still get pulled in and at least make a good go of it. This particular challenge is deck specific, based on the Life Path Cards by Over The Moon Oracle Cards.

Today’s challenge is the Light & Shadow Exercise.

This is a great exercise to help you get to know the deck and understand the light and shadow aspects of your goals and dreams… Compare and contrast the two images. How are they different? Are there any similarities? How does the light card reflect your goals or ideal situation? How does the shadow card reflect your current difficulties, fears, or things you avoid?

The premise seems to be that being able to visualize what my favorite and least favorite paths are will help me clarify how I process abundance and lack, respectively. It’s an interesting approach to be sure. I flipped through all the cards and I picked the two cards I was most attracted to and most repelled by.

Light & Shadow reflections from the Life Path Cards

My LIGHT path is a wooden bridge leading into wide open ocean. The atmosphere of this card is bright, sunny, and peaceful. Walking onto this bridge I’d likely be barefoot in a white flowing dress, eyes closing as my toes meet the water. The bridge feels like security, as well as break through. Whatever I just came from off-frame, I’m being led into something better. Water is also all about emotion and intuition, so I do love the idea of being able to fully dive into both without restriction or fear.

My SHADOW path is a stark curved corridor leading into darkness. There is a sense of constriction- particularly with the way the ceiling frame seems to converge on the rest of the room. Despite the corridor being brightly lit, the curve into darkness seems absolute and rather sudden. The light is artificial, unnatural, it feels false and overly harsh. Obviously, being in constricted and over-structured circumstances unnerve me the most.

I couldn’t help but notice that the cards seem like inverses of each other. The bridge in my Light card looks like the ceiling of my Shadow card. It makes sense, light and shadow are two sides of the same coin and one often contains elements of the other. The question arises: what can I do to transform my damning ceiling into the bridge leading to the refreshing ocean?

All in all, a cool challenge for the first day. I’d like to sit and do this with a tarot deck soon. I’ve done an exercise like this with the tarot before, though it was a good long while back and I’m sure my associations have changed.