So just what kind of experience might you receive in a reading with me? I thought I’d answer that question by answering 10 in its place! Questions were spotted on Two Sides Tarot and I thought they’d be an excellent way to engage myself in my own intentions as a card reader and share the result.

1. Were you mentored or self-taught?

I’m a self-taught reader. After receiving around three separate readings, two tarot and an oracle, I decided to try reading for myself. I was lucky in that my first exposure to tarot was through pretty radical decks like the Collective Tarot and the Motherpeace Tarot so I never really felt the need to go seek out a traditional Rider-Waite Smith deck (I didn’t own a RWS clone for a good long while, not till my Morgan-Greer). After lots of research to find a deck that was both accessible and inclusive, I chose the Mythical Goddess Tarot and it’s been love of the cards from there.

I quickly came to realize that most LWBs were perfunctory and not really built to teach so I sought out other resources. I didn’t seek out the usual books to begin with- I went the long way around. One of my favorite resources was Joan Bunning’s Learning the Tarot course website. It’s a lovely RWS tarot course and the most attractive part for a beginner is that it is completely free and gives a solid foundation to build knowledge on. My next tarot course was Beth Maiden’s wonderful Alternative Tarot Course, perfect for self-taught learners looking for an approach that is beyond traditional meanings and fully engages with intuition- and again, financially accessible for most beginners at a lifetime access price of $25. Only after this did I go after the usual reading fare.I return to those books once in a while but for the most part the self-taught intuitive foundation has been what keeps me coming back to the cards.

I’ve learned more about the cards from consistently writing for myself- and this blog which started out as an online journal- than I ever could from any other source. The cards have something new to teach each day. If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the overwhelming amount of resources out there, please know that you are the most important source of knowledge. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel when you sit with the cards? That’s where the buck stops every time.

2. Are you a psychic or a tarot reader?

I’m more tarot reader than psychic, although I do work with ancestral and spiritual guides as needed. Though psychics don’t just predict the future, that is a part of the work they are associated with- which doesn’t quite fit what I do.

3. Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

I don’t consider myself a predictive reader (see above), even though I’ve had feedback from client that indicates a predictive quality to some of my work. I’m more concerned with the current energies of a reading and what about them my client would like to shift. While I absolutely do include channeled messages, warning, and guidance as directed by Spirit, for the most part readings with me will be about your query in its current state and what work you’d like to do to shift it. It’s not so much about accuracy as it is effective guidance.

4. Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?

As I am not a predictive reader- everything? As an intuitive reader, I do absolutely leave room for the possibility that a message will find you and have predictive qualities. I focus instead on working with the why of your query and the how of your intended energy shift. For example a question like, When will I meet my soul mate? is transformed into a much more effective and soul exploratory What work do I need to do to be ready to meet my soul mate? which also works to focus the energy of the reading on my client and not a third party.

5. Do you use only tarot or are you multidisciplinary?

I’m a believe in using all the resources available, so yes I consider myself multidisciplinary. I often close or explore a particular reading’s energy by pulling an oracle card to add illumination. In addition as I read for a client, I am also listening for any messages beyond the reading from their guides. I also work with herbs, incorporating herbal remedy into suggested work for my client- in fact my tarot work inspired my line of Asali Meditative Tarot Tea which is meant to guide the drinker in the energy work a particular tarot card calls attention to.

6. Is the message in the cards or in your head?

Both! As the reader, I am working with my own intuition as well as the guidance of my clients’ guides to interpret the symbols before me. I also believe that there is always a message in the cards not meant for the reader to relay or even notice, one that is meant for the client to feel out for themselves. I always ask my client to sit with the image of the cards in meditation for any additional whispers to come through beyond our reading that I may not be privy to. So I know it isn’t all in my head!

7. Are you a priest or a fortune teller?

Neither of these shoes fit. However, given a choice I’d rather go with priest than fortune teller. First, as I mentioned I’m not predictive. Second, a priest provides guidance in the current moment, with the information presented to them and is concerned with the soul work that needs to be done rather than making any promises. It’s a deeper connection, and I am invested in your growth healing not just your future.

8. Are you a fixer or a looker?

Both! It depends on the client’s query. If it’s an energy check-in, then we’re just taking a look and we can do some follow up work if necessary. If it’s a more in-depth reading then we are absolutely going to do some work. I usually have some homework embedded in the reading as suggestion for further growth and healing. I identify as an Earthworker– I’m here as a facilitator for your soul development, so I suppose that makes me more of a fixer than a looker.

9. Do you read for free or for a fee?

I read for a fee 98% of the time. I also provide tarot and oracle readings for my community online as well as occasionally give free one card silent readings whenever I’ve got excess psychic energy that needs some moving around.

10. Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

Well this got a bit repetitive for non-predictive readers. So as I answered question four, how about another kind of boundary. Here’s a type of reading I won’t do. I absolutely will not read for a third party. I focus on my client and my client’s energy in the reading and I’m not interested in trying to figure out what their boss, partner, or neighbor is thinking or feeling or planning on doing. We can instead discuss the client’s part in the relationship to other people- for example: Will my ex call me back? Am I in a space to be nourished by a call from my ex?