I always forget to gather all the cool posts and articles that have caught my eye, not to mention share them with other folks who might enjoy them. Figured I’d start making a more definitive bookmark than endless tabs open in my browser.

So here’s what I’ve been reading with my tea:

The Evolution Of ‘An Almost Bruja’ by Yesika Salgado
“Life has taught me that women are the ones with the magic. The voice of God. The continuous thread. The voice calling me into myself. Las mujeres. Las brujas. I know them all. I belong to them.”

What can we learn from the fog? by hejyork at Unlocking Words
“Thank you fog, for teaching us to trust in our journey, to trust in all our senses to guide us. Thank you for slowing us down so we can see things differently. Thank you for teaching us that everything we need is still there even when we can’t see it.”

The Slow Holler Tarot, First Impressions and Favourite Cards, from Beth Maiden’s column at Autostraddle, and grateful for the lovely shoutout! She also raises an important question about the balance of economic sustainability and accessibility when it comes to indie deck prices.
“This is not a cheap deck by any means. At $46 is will be out of the reach of some of the folks who need it the most. This is a heavy and difficult topic for tarot deck creators who want to reach marginalised communities with their work, but also don’t want to compromise on ethics and quality, a conversation I’ve been having with E over recent months. Slow Holler has been printed locally in small quantities (cheaper tarot decks are usually mass-produced in China) and there have been many artists to compensate for their work; small batch projects like this one take a heck of a lot of resources to get off the ground, and the price has come out where it has.”

Life Path Challenge from Kristen at Over The Moon Oracle is a really lovely challenge with her even lovelier deck and it’s too damn bad I’m awful at following through with daily challenges because I love this one. I’ll definitely come back to it at intervals though!