wp-1484634938906.jpgThe Empress, guided by the Page and Knight of Plumes in reverse from The Wooden Tarot

This week the cards ask that we stay rooted and put into active practice our core truths and praxis.

This feels especially resonant as those on this political side of the world face what is essentially some of the worst that could have happened in an election. Times like these do not always immediately call for diving in headfirst (though we can certainly do that later!). First, we need to deeply search out, illuminate, and put into active practice our core beliefs-

What does it mean to ensure survival and nourishment for all peoples? What does that look like beyond theories and speeches? How do we put into everyday home-base practice our philosophies of healing and activism? We say we support folks who are black, trans, disabled, indigenous, queer, sex-workers, poor, and neurodivergent- however what daily actions can we take to ensure not only that attention is being paid to plight (which can be itself an oppressive narrative when it is all that they are associated with), but that we keep them with us and ensure their everyday survival. What are we already doing that requires amplification?

For our own healing and survival, special attention should be paid to our home spaces- this includes our bodies, living space, community space, as well as relationships to those we consider family.

We tend to already planted seeds this week, and ensure their capacity for growth before taking on anything new.