I’m horrible at daily challenges, even when I’m absolutely interested in them. Over The Moon Oracle has a wonderful challenge going on, and this week’s focus is our life’s work. I loved the prompts so much, and Kristen had it organized so well that the daily prompts coalesced perfectly into a spread.

The challenge is meant to be used with her awesome Life Path Cards, but I can definitely see how other tarot and oracle decks would also work- perhaps even a combination of decks where some of these positions are concerned.


Here’s more on the card positions, with quote credit to Kristen indicated in the bolded italics.

  1. LIFE’S WORK – This position gives a bird’s eye view of the path you are on. For those of us using the Life Path Cards she has some excellent prompts for this card pull like What’s at your feet? Is the ground difficult to walk on? What’s directly in front of you? Are you traveling alone or with others? Where are you headed? Based on this path, how long do you think it will take to get there? Are there any obstacles on this path?
  2. OBVIOUS PATH – This position explores our conscious expectations of our path and where see it taking us. “What is the most challenging aspect of this path? What is the most positive aspect of this path?”
  3. HIDDEN PATH – This position explores the unseen aspects of our choice in life path. It reveals what we may have not noticed yet- guidance and warning. Pay attention to the contradictions it has with position 1 & 2. “How is this path different from the Obvious Path? What is the most challenging aspect of this path? What is the most positive aspect of this path?”
  4. FORK IN THE ROAD – Most life paths aren’t ever straightforward and so I thought I’d honor the wisdom given to us when we meet the divergent path. Use these two positions to explore alternatives. They provide guidance, perhaps even illuminate pitfalls.
  5. FORK IN THE ROAD – As above.
  6. ROAD SIGN – Road signs warn, guide, detour, block, notify, and so much more. However this card falls, allow your intuition to decide its function(s).

Deepen this exercise by taking each position and individually exploring them with further card pulls. For example if you get the 10 of Swords as a Road Sign, it might be a good idea to pull two cards to explore that further. The visioning capacity for these prompts are endless!

Now all I have to do is commit to actually working this spread!
And work on getting that Frost poem out of my head.