I’m out of town for a weekend with spiritual community. Auspiciously, it timed in with the New Moon in Aquarius who gave me some focus as to what this healing will be about. 

Every card reading I’ve thrown recently is all about deep intuitive intention setting. As we move in a world growing colder and more and more dangerous for us and our loved ones, how can we harness the gifts of earth and water to keep us clear and grounded in each other’s liberation? How can we be more than present for each other- and that may mean moving in front of each other when we can to take a hit that would be devastating to someone else. It can look like healing communities bartering and sharing medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. This is also centering ourselves and caring deeply for our own souls so that we remain strong. When was the last time you let someone else care for you? We can’t walk through this fire alone, and transformation is no solo journey. We survive because we love each other.

I resist oppresive power because I love you and I invite you to do the same for me.