Mondays are tough enough for most folks without being hit by lunar Cancer feels. Whimper not! It’s neither a full nor a new moon but a first quarter moon.

First quarter moons are all about gaining momentum, grounding deeper into your lunar goal. We’re right in the roll-rush to the full moon and it may seem like everything is picking up speed around us. It’s all good, we should be making headway-

And also check in.

Think of this as a “look both ways before you cross” spread.


It was inspired by Cancer’s push to check in with deep intuition, but I like slinging this simple two card layout on the regular- especially for First Quarters, not just the moon, but First Quarters of projects and other cycles we may be into.

Customize it for yourself: use just one set of words, or combine them all- heck be specific! (for example, What should I be open to giving/receiving creatively?).

Have fun with it, and all the first quarter moon blessings to you!