It’s been too long since I posted one of my personal readings on here. I need to get back to doing that more often. Hmmm, maybe one of the other things to release is the pressure to be constantly profound and thoughtful. Maybe I just wanna ramble! Come along for the ride would you? 

Let’s begin again with my First Quarter Moon in Cancer quick reading.


My favorite part about this spread is how straightforward it is.


I love how these two cards interact. In the Two of Blades the challenge is up close and personal- very much concerned with the here and now. The two swordspeople are focused on nothing else but each other- and honestly it seems a bit futile as they are evenly matched. I’ll be happy to release any tendency to get bogged down by the everyday little messes.

In comparison, the Mother of Blades, whose energy I’m asked to invite in, has the full perspective. It’s not about what’s right in front of her, she’s looking ahead to something so far off we can’t see it in the image. Unlike the sword, the arrow is a weapon that requires intense precision and focus. She’s wisened up enough to know that quite often, the everyday challenges really aren’t that big of a deal- some are just distractions that she’s long since learned to move past in favor of looking ahead to what matters.

Eyes on the prize always.
Just have to make sure what that prize is (otherwise what’s the point?!).