How are you making time to come back to yourself?

It’s the little things, yes?

Here’s what I did today: made some hawthorn-hibiscus tea, received a beautiful tarot heartwise reading from a dear cronesoulfemme at Blacker Berry Tarot+Botanicals, cuddled with my cat, cooked a colorful but simple stew, listened to an herbalism podcast, read healing books, and cuddled with my cat some more.

I did what loved me back- a wonderful definition of self-care from Kyana Brindle who is included in this reading list.

I hope you find time for that space to do what loves you back.

Here’s what I’ve been reading with my tea…

Rosemary as a polar plant, a compass plant, a plant ally to help you find yourself. I agree wholeheartedly with the podcast discussion from Forage Botanicals about this lovely plant spirit.

Do What Loves You Back, and other ways to make time for yourself when it all gets a bit Chaotic from Kyana Brindle.

Consumerism does not a witch make. Witch on a Budget answers the question of “Can I be a witch without tools?” that so often plagues newcomers to spiritual practice.


Meadow Queen has a lovely post unlocking the Hierophant through its corresponding minor cards.

Tarot cards and make-up bags are made for each other; thank you to Melissa (whose book USPS needs to drop in my mailbox already) for this idea.

We Need To Be Kinder To Our Flaky Friends, cautioning us not to dismiss the friends who may have a bit of extra difficulty showing up.

Bullet Journaling for witches, yes maam! Snow Orchid Witch shares a great idea to integrate the moon in your #bujo practice- though of course not just bullet journal-ers.


Mecca’s astrology game is unrivaled, IMO so you know I was clicking into her April horoscopes as soon as they went up. All them retrograde planets, y’know.

I’ve been ask to go to ground with deeper intention for my day to day nutrition. Here’s a lovely article sharing tips of how to integrate wild edibles in our diet. Favorite herb Dandelion is first up!

Help Wooly Witch fix her pipes by gifting yourself one of her hand made tarot bags- and they are absolutely darling, and I would know because I snagged one for myself.

EXCITING! Lis of Little Fox Tarot teased her new deck collab, Tarot of the Forest Floor and I cannot wait. Check the Four of Cups below, sketched by Cate Anevski.

Four of Cups (sketch) from the Tarot of the Forest Floor - by Cate Anevski

Siobhan has an amazing column on LRT, Face Up Tarot, and because she’s about that double blessing, has an audio version! Have a listen to her awesome post on the 9 of Swords.

In case you missed it…

Speaking of Siobhan, she named me Healing Water Whisperer, and I’m whispering that to myself as often as I can. In this lovely interview from her Scopes Interview Series we talk tarot, liberation, social justice, and healing.

I’m talkin’ about that powerful electric lady black femme magical crazy at Black Femme Witches Brew’s spring magazine.

Mercury Rx and all the other retrograde planets don’t have to be scary (and Venus finally goes direct soon). Here’s a spread to empower you to see the season for the growth it is.

My newest offering for Ritual & Honey at Little Red Tarot is a time travel ritual. And throwing out all time travel rules, in this practice you are allowed to meet your past self- in fact encouraged to!

UNBURDEN is my newest meditative tarot tea, perfect for retrograde season. Inspired by the 10 of wands it helps you refresh and replenish.


EASE is an anointing balm I created from a many moons infused calendula, lavender, and rose oil. I love the high beeswax content that makes it fine for an anointing dab for when I need to ease my heart or soothe my crown. There are literally only three tins left from this batch, so do snag one if you’re interested.

One for the throwback:

Be Still and Know, reflecting on the challenges and rewards of practicing stillness.