I’m always in permanent tinker mode when it comes to my practice. Always trying to figure out how better to serve, present, and create. In my tweak-and-tinker crosshairs over the last week was the readings section of my shop.

It hasn’t changed much- in fact there have really only ever been two major changes. At the outset, I offered readings virtually and the different options were based on timespan. Then I modified the page to specify what kind of reading my client would like with even more options based on particular themes and added email readings and sliding scale. Which was all well and good but it wasn’t really connecting with me anymore.

I worked on the page yesterday, adding options then taking them away, and all it really led me to was what I wanted in the first place anyway. Two easy to understand options that leave space for me to make every reading I do as unique for each client as possible. I also switched to email only for now, with virtual or in-person readings available by request only. I’m also keeping the sliding scale on all my work in the shop. That part’s fundamental to the ethics of my healing practice.

Working it this way takes away any scheduling difficulties and allows me space not just for my other work, but also to take care of other clients in the shop ordering bath, tea, and oil blends. It also reduces confusion and overwhelm for clients visiting the shop (or maybe even trying tarot for the first time) and easily lets everyone know what they’re getting.

So here’s what we got:

Asali Earthwork Tarot & Oracle Readings

energysnapshotThe ENERGY SNAPSHOT is the one for you if you need it served to you straight up no chaser. With this reading we incisively evaluate your query and vision where you are. We look at the elemental concerns of your query, giving light to the mental, emotional, material, and spiritual energy surrounding you in this moment. It’s effective and right to the point.


soul searcherThe SOUL SEARCHER is the one for those moments when you want to go deeper. Your reading is purposefully intricate and designed to be as in-depth as possible, crafted to your particular query and circumstance. Oh, and there will be homework. I always suggest this when receiving your reading, but you will absolutely need tea (or your favored beverage), note-taking tools, and time to reflect.

So come on over y’all. I got all my cards out and ready for you, loves.