I didn’t have a moment to pause and create a spread for this sabbat like I usually do. In fact most of my day, I spent in a hospital looking after a loved one. It didn’t feel like a very abundant celebration of spring, I have to say. I needed some help.

So here’s a May Queen reading I found because it is Beltane.


Position 1: Safety. Emotional security. What you need to feel safe. MOVEMENT. Too true. I feel better in a crisis when I have all the information and I’m handling the small details. It helps keep my mind of what’s not happening if I’m making it happen. Of course, this has a downside- sweating the small stuff is all well and good if you don’t miss out on the big picture.

Position 2: Abundance. Feelings of plenty. SELF DOUBT. Gut-punch. Okay, yeah this is about right. I’m not very comfortable when things are going too well. This is definitely a growth opportunity for me, and I can say it’s gotten better. Lately though, I’ve had a bit more trying my life than usual.

Position 3: Regeneration. Exploring the possibilities. RELEASE. Letting things go that I don’t have control over and some things I do has definitely been a useful strategy. It’s easier to see abundance when you’re not trying desperately to hold on to things you can’t keep with you.

Position 4: Love. Emotions and relationships. DEFEAT. We’re working on this, lol! The universe continues to have no chill on this particular topic.

Position 5: The Future. The present conceivable outcome based on the flow of cards one through four. COMMUNICATION. This reads more like manifestation. Working on the way I speak my purpose and what I want will be crucial this season. It’s difficult work, tenuous, and immensely consequential.

All of this being said, abundance is not always easily reached for- in fact, looking for and finding abundance in the middle of a challenge is a form of medicine. Hope is a form of abundance. Prayer is abundance. Bringing all that to bear is claiming abundance.

Happy Beltane, my loves.