Tarot of the QTPOC Series: The Collective Tarot

Admittedly one of the most famous non-conforming tarot decks out there. The Collective Tarot deck was designed by a collective of creators- artists, writers, etc- dedicated to creating a deck that bucks most of the traditional tarot mores, representations, and symbolism.

faThe creators aimed to include “beings and bodies of size and of color… as well as differently-abled, multi-gendered and multi-generational characters” in the deck to match the diversity of peoples who use tarot. It’s out of print for the most part, but I was lucky enough to receive a reading by this deck and I can speak to its beauty and insight.

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Tarot of the QTPOC

I’m always on the hunt for decks that include people like me, that is queer and people of color (perhaps, *gasp!* even queer people of color).

I once went into a metaphysical store and one of the women who worked there inserted herself into a conversation I was having with a friend. I was discussing a list I was looking to make of tarot decks that had queer and people of color, and she, completely uninvited, remarked that most pagan practitioners are straight and white.


Somehow I managed to contain both my laughter and anger and walked away with nothing more than an irritated hum despite my burning desire to tell her about the many ways she was WRONG. Needless to say I purchased nothing in that awful store (trust and believe they didn’t stop with the micro-aggressions there) and I don’t plan on ever returning.

Anyway, I’m going to start posting decks that are inclusive as a record for myself and to positively highlight them in my Tarot of the QTPOC series. I always take recommendations!