Bath Delights: Abundant Joy & Abundant Sweetness

Abundant Bath Delights

Making bath salts and scrubs is one of my favorite things to do. They are quick easy, and endlessly fun. I recently made two of these as gifts, and I did it in about an hour, and I’m very excited about how they came out. Continue reading “Bath Delights: Abundant Joy & Abundant Sweetness”

Calm & Clear Epsom Salt Bath Soak

img src: Dawn Endico @ flickr
img src: Dawn Endico @ flickr

Epsom salt is an absolute gift. Made of magnesium sulfate, it has a myriad of uses for our health and wellness. It has been used to remove splinters, lessen foot odor, and ease swelling. Personally I love throwing them in the bath, enriched when I mix them with essential oils. I find that a bath taken with epsom salts doesn’t even need bubbles to feel lush.

Here’s a favorite mix I particularly enjoy when I need to calm myself or when I’m suffering aches and pains, especially headaches. I also love that this sets me up for a great night’s sleep.Continue reading “Calm & Clear Epsom Salt Bath Soak”

Ecstatic Sweetness Essential Oil Blend

Inspired by Oshun and the beautiful spirit of those who walk with her.

art of Oshun
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This is an oil blend created for relaxation with intention. It will calm you down, inspire sweetness, and excitement to create. Great for encouraging the spirit of peaceful energy spaces (as after yoga or meditation) to extend and activate creative energy spaces.Continue reading “Ecstatic Sweetness Essential Oil Blend”

Sugar Scrub Delight

I made my first sugar scrubs the other day and discovered decadence like nothing else. Sugar scrubs are a great, and relatively quick, way to renew and exfoliate your skin. They are especially recommended in winter months, when skin can get dry and flaky. The best part is you can easily make your own at home with all natural products so you never have to worry about what is going on your skin, and often with ingredients already in your pantry. As a treat, add some essential oils to immerse yourself in some instant aromatherapy as well as receive all their benefits. The recipe possibilities are endless.Continue reading “Sugar Scrub Delight”